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Urban Tech is a modern Business to Business Coffee Store experience, that aims to reinvent the way customers order coffee through using mobile and web-based applications. The Core Business is focused on transforming the coffee industry by providing innovative solutions. The company understands that coffee is the elixir for staff productivity and the better the quality, the better the productivity. We offer corporate coffee solutions for small, medium, and large enterprises within South Africa, our solutions for our clients are tailor-made specifically to the client requirements.

The web-based and mobile app allows corporate customers to allocate premium coffee to staff using tokens, end users are able to order coffee remotely, users receive a constant status update for their coffee order, customers can collect coffee and go and there is an integrated payment system (Pay Gate)

Urban Tech Corporate Coffee Solutions include barista services, and our customer should be able to do the following on our app:  Order and pay remotely, Geo location linked order system (Receive your order when you arrive) that alert the Barista when you want to collect your order and in a corporate setting employees able to receive their coffee delivered to their desk.


Our mobile App can be found on google play store and the web app can be reached by logging in on the link below.

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