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The company vision encapsulates driving the opportunity to include a social responsibility element, allowing for the creation of sustainable jobs, training, and skills development, thereby empowering young South Africans and affording them a skill, opening the door to the global job market within the FMCG industry.

At Urban Black Roasters (UBR) we pride ourselves on our using coffee as the connecting point to our shared South African identity, heritage, and diversity. We are unapologetically South African and provide our customers with an authentic South African experience. Our motto is “Taste the story, change the future!”

Urban Black Roasters was formed in 2017 as a partnership between Calano Supplier Solutions and Cabal Coffee Roastery. We are a Port Elizabeth based roaster whose objective is to solidify our presence in the marketplace as a transformed world-class coffee roasting operation. Urban Black offers not only exceptional coffee but is addressing the greater transformation agenda of BBBEE.

Cups of Coffee

Our business model is removed from the traditional retail coffee store offering in the sense that our target market is corporates who are looking to offer their staff a morale-boosting facility all whilst addressing the business landscape transformation agenda.


UBR’s business model is centered on uplifting and providing unemployed youth with the opportunity to work with an innovative coffee brand through the “Yes for Youth Employment Scheme (Y.E.S)” program. With our certified Barista training program we are able to provide our Barista’s with globally recognised skills. With a deep understanding of the economic plight of young South Africans, it is our intention to create at least 20 jobs for unemployed youth. UBR enjoys close ties to a Y.E.S program implementing agent and is thus primed to roll out its corporate strategy in conjunction with the YES program.

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